Frequently asked questions:

  • What is "La Pipe Rit"?

  • Based in Saint-Claude (Jura, France) since 1996, La Pipe Rit is a pipe and smokers accesories specialized shop. La Pipe Rit is also an e-boutique since 2002 : On our website, you will find more than 1,500 pipes, made by pipes masters, worldwide brands or local craftsmen.

Advices to smoke pipe:

  • I want to buy a pipe but I don't know what to choose. What should I do?

  • Which pipe should I buy to begin?

    You want to start pipe smoking? To buy your first pipe, we advise you to read the page How to select the right pipe?. On this page, you will find all the requested information to choose your first pipe

    Do I need accessories with my pipe?

    There are a lot of accessories to prepare, smoke or hold a pipe... All are not essential. First of all, you will need two accessoriesa pipe tamper and some pipe cleaners. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone. We will help you to find the right pipe and the suitable accessories.

  • I am a beginner smoker, where should I start?

  • A well maintained pipe can last several years. That is why it is very important to respect some usage and maintenance rules.

    We highly recommend you to read the page Advices for smokers. You will find there all the requested information for a safe start. Do not hesitate to contact us by email of telephone for personnalized advice.

  • How to "break in" or "build the carbon cake"?

  • The definition:

    The cake is a carbon layer which takes place inside the bowl and protects the briar from the heat. To be efficient, the carbon cake has to begin from the bottom of the chamber.

    The process:

    For the 15 firsts uses of your pipe, you have to smoke with a little amount of tobacco. Approximately the half of the chamber. Then, you will increase progressively the amount of tobacco, until the wall of the chamber is covered with carbon. 

    Can I "break in" with alcohol?

    Do not "break in" your pipe with alcohol! Alcohol damages or burn the bowl. To preserve the carbon cake of your pipe, do not scratch the inside of the bowl, it could damage it. A thick carbon cake is the signature of a great smoker! Follow our advices for a well caked pipe.

  • How to clean my pipe?

  • It is really important to clean your pipe to remove all the tobacco impurities. You just have to pass your pipe cleaner inside the stem and the shank. We recommend to do this step after each pipe. We invite you to watch our video tutorial and to read our blog post How to clean my pipe?.

  • Where can I buy tobacco?

  • First of all, in France, the tobacco business is highly regulate. The newsagent only have the ability to sell tobacco. Moreover, it is forbidden to sell tobacco on the internet. That is why you can't find tobacco on our website

    If you are looking for a particular tobacco or some advices to choose one, we invite you to ask to your local newsagent.

  • How to pack and light my pipe?

  • The first step is obviously to put the tobacco inside the bowl. Do it pinches by pinches. Once the bowl is full, you can compress the tobacco with your pipe tamper. Then, you can light your pipe using a pipe lighter or matches. The whole surface of the tobacco has to burn uniformly.

  • What is a pipe tamper for?

  • The pipe tamper is used to press the tobacco down the bowl. It is absolutely essential to compress the tobacco while it is burning. Most tampers are equipped with a cleaning rod. This tool helps to empty the ashes.

  • What should I do if my pipe gets too hot?

  • If you think that your pipe gets too hot, let it get cool before using it later. A pipe should never burn your fingers when you're holding it.

  • How to remove a pipe stem?

  • Can I disassemble my pipe at any moment?

    No, never disassemble your pipe if it is still hot. If you do not respect this rule, you will damage your pipe and the shank risks to break.

    The process:

    To remove the stem, put your fingers as close as you can to the junction between the stem and the shank. Turn the stem on himself while pulling gently.

  • I broke my pipe, can you fix it?

  • Each stem is manually and specially adapted to each pipe's shank. So, we don't sell stem alone. The creation of a new stem is tailor-made in our craftshops in Saint-Claude (Jura). Moreover, we only fix the pipes that have been buy in our store or on our website. For more informations, please refer to the page Pipe repairs.

Payment, shipping and return:

  • Are the items displayed on the website available immediately?

  • How to know if the item I want is available?

    In order to ensure a quick handling and delivery of your order, all the items displayed on La Pipe Rit's online store are in stock and readily available (unless specified otherwise).

    What can you tell me about La Pipe Rit's items' quality?

    Since our premises are located in the deep heart of Saint-Claude, we visit most of our suppliers on a daily basis. Therefore, we carefully select all items ourselves and our close ties with manufacturers ensure high responsiveness. You want a pipe made in Saint-Claude that is not on our website? Let us know and we will visit our suppliers in order to find it for you!

    Our team selects the products with the utmost care. At La Pipe Rit, you will find brands renowned for their reliability and the high quality of their products (such as Vauen, Chacom, Butz-Choquin, Dunhill, Peterson...).

    All the items are sent undergo a meticulouys quality check. However, if your are disappointed with your order, feel free to send it back, following the return procedure available on our website.

  • How can I pay my order?

  • We propose several payment methods. Please refer to the billing page.

  • Which delivery method should I choose? How long does delivery take?

  • All the orders placed before 9 a.m UTC+1 (from Monday to Friday) are processed and shipped on that day. Then, it depends on the destination country. Please refer to our page Shipping and delivery for more informations.

  • How do I track my parcel's delivery?

  • As soon as we ship your parcel, you will receive an email. In this email you will find the tracking link and the tracking number. You can also find these informations in your customer account.

  • I want to return an item, can I exchange it or get refunded?

  • When you place an order on, you benefit from 100 days to get satisfied. During this time, it is possible to return your articles if they don't fit your expectations. As soon as we receive your articles, you may choose a refund, an exchange or a credit. Please, read our page Return or exchange for more informations.

  • How to find the invoice of my order?

  • You want to get the invoice of the last order you made? Nothing more simple: you just have to log in to your customer account on, then go to the section "My account > Order history and details". All the invoices corresponding to your previous purchases are available on this web page.

Customer service:

  • How do I get in touch with the customer service?

  • Of course, our team of specialists is here to help you! We are available by email or telephone. To send us an email, you only have to write your request in the Contact page. We will answer within 3 days. To interact directly with a member of our team by phone, please call us : +33 (0)3 84 45 68 02.

  • I am/will be in Saint-Claude, what are your opening hours?

  • The opening days and hours of our shop can vary. Please refer to the page Contact us to know the right opening times.

  • I can't access my account anymore, what should I do?

  • Changing your account's password is easy. Click on the following link I forgot my password and enter your email address. You will receive an email with a link, click on it, and you will get to a page where you can enter your new password. Feel free to drop us an email if you need any assistance.

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