How to clean my pipe?

How to clean my pipe?

09 07 2015
Smoking pipe is all about tobacco taste and flavour, there is nothing better than a clean pipe to enjoy it. Learn how to clean your pipe properly!

In order to avoid any problems such as clogging of the stem or mouthpiece, it is important to clean your pipe thoroughly on a regular basis. First of all, let you pipe rest for a while. From 30 minutes to one hour. The point is to let your pipe cool down.

How to clean your pipe?

  1. Remove the stem using a twisting motion and not a pulling motion.
  2. Remove the filter which is inside the pipe. If you are using meerschaum, active coal or balsa filter, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to remove it and prepare a new one. In case this is a metal filter, simply clean it with soapy water or with paper towel. When the filter is clean, save it for later.
  3. Use as many pipe-cleaners as you see fit. Gently insert the pipe-cleaner in the mouthpiece draught hole and pull it all the way.
  4. Put the mouthpiece back. Still use a twisting motion.

Many cleaning kits with more specific tools exist. Such very thorough cleaning will be performed once or twice a month depending on your pipe rotation.

Cleaning your pipe step 1
Cleaning your pipe step 2

Cleaning your pipe step 3
Cleaning your pipe step 4

Discover all the cleaning tools

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