How to clean my pipe?

How to clean my pipe?

09 07 2015
To fully enjoy your tobacco's aroma, you'll need a clean pipe! It is necessary to know how to clean your pipe regularly...

In order to avoid problems such as clogging the stem, it is important to clean your pipe thoroughly on a regular basis. First of all, let you pipe rest for a while so that it cools down completely.

How to clean your pipe?

  1. Remove the stem by turning it on itself, as if it was screwed in the stummel.
  2. Remove the filter that is inside the pipe. You might want to replace it if it is a meerschaumactivated charcoal or balsa filter. If you have a metal filter, simply run it under water and use a cloth or paper towel to dry it.
  3. Run a pipe cleaner through the stem. As long as the pipe cleaner comes out dirty, keep running it through (use as many as necessary).
  4. Put the stem back on, still using a twisting motion.

There exist cleaning kits, that allow for a more thorough clean. A deep clean should be done1 to 2 times a month.

Cleaning your pipe step 1
Cleaning your pipe step 2

Cleaning your pipe step 3
Cleaning your pipe step 4

All the cleaning tools

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