Pipe shapes

The anatomy of a pipe does not hold any secrets for you anymore, but do you know the precise name that is assigned to each pipe shape? Besides its overall appearance (straight, half-bent, bent), its finish (natural, waxed, lacquered, sandblasted, rusticated) or even its length (short, standard, long), a pipe can also be defined by a specific silhouette. Our complete guide will detail all the pipe shapes, classical or modern, with their main characteristics. Through this glossary dedicated to pipe smokers, you will be assured to enrich your knowledges and to find the pipe shape that truly fits you the most!

  • apple


    The Apple shape is a well known silhouette of pipe smokers. In french, we could literally translate by "pomme", but we most commonly call it "boule". With its well rounded bowl and its rounded shank, it is a pipe with a really comfortable hold in hand...

  • author


    The Author shaped pipes are characterized by a round bowl, a rounded shank and a bent stem. Its bowl and shank are really thick, making it heat proof and less fragile when you remove the stem of the pipe. Really comfortable and easy to smoke once in your mouth...

  • blowfish


    The Blowfish pipe shape is very unusual. We can only find it at workshops where craftspeople propose handmade pipes. The blowfish pipe distinguishes itself by its specific structure and a very precise grain. The English word "blowfish" refers to the fish (with a balloon shape)...

  • brandy


    The Brandy pipe shape is truly synonymous with elegance. It distinguishes itself by a beautifully rounded and slightly flared bowl, like a brandy glass (cognac alcohol). The Brandy pipe holds easily in hand and she also has the advantage that it has a pretty good wooden thickness...

  • bullcap


    Pipes with a Bullcap shape distinguish themselves by a large and shallow bowl, followed by a rounded straight shank. The latter is actually the element that distinguishes a Bullcap pipe from a Bullmoose pipe. Good tobacco lovers will appreciate its grip and its resistance to any test...

  • bullmoose


    The Bullmoose shape is a variant of the Bulldog, the Rhodesian and the Bullcap shapes. Less widespread than the three others, it is quite often considered as being part of the same family. The Bullmoose silhouette perfectly suits those who are looking for a bent pipe, small and robust...

  • calabash


    The Calabash pipe shape is one of the most sophisticated and refined shape that exists. Often associated with the image of Sherlock Holmes, the Calabash pipe distinguishes itself by its really pronounced bent silhouette and a large internal bent chamber. The smoke is smoother in mouth...

  • canadian


    The Canadian pipe shape has two inseparable characteristics: a particularly long and oval shape shank coupled to a short and standard stem. The ovalness of the shank is actually the element that distinguishes the Canadian pipe from the Lovat and the Liverpool pipes...

  • cavalier


    Original and unusual, the Cavalier shape leaves no one indifferent. Its conception is based on an ancient Bavarian pipe style (called "Tyrolean" in Austria). Made up of several sections assembled with each other, the Cavalier pipe has a particular structure...

  • chimney


    The Chimney is a pipe shape that is not very widespread and that is characterized by a particularly high bowl, with a deep but at the same time small chamber. The Chimney pipe is the dreamed silhouette for those who love to smoke their tobacco for a long period of time...

  • cobra


    The pipe shape called Cobra is truly a rare gem for smokers. It is really easy to recognize it because its silhouette really reminds the one of a snake, and more specifically the morphology of a cobra, ready to pounce on its prey, to such an extent that the result is stunning...

  • cutty


    Among all the pipe shapes that exist, the so-called Cutty silhouette is most certainly one of the most ancient that is. Visually, the Cutty shape is characterized by a rounded bowl, slightly inclined forward, and above all a small bead located under the bowl...

  • dublin


    The Dublin shape is a pipe silhouette relatively simple but still elegant. The Dublin pipe can easily be recognized by its conical and flared bowl (larger at the top than at the bottom). Most generally of a straight shape, Dublin shaped pipes are extremely pleasant to hold in hand...

  • egg


    The Egg shape is a silhouette that is easily recognizable thanks to its bowl that looks like an egg. Thus we can visually find a bowl of an elliptical shape with a somehow large base, like a big egg. With a really comfortable grip, the feeling is simply divine...

  • eskimo


    Also called Ukulele, the Eskimo pipe is original and rare. The Eskimo shape has the particularity to be almost only flat. Indeed, its bowl looks a lot like the one of a Bulldog pipe which would have been crushed. It is equipped with a small stem and is often thought with a flat bottom...

  • fleur


    The Flower shaped pipes combine both the raw character of briar's root as well as the poetry of a blooming flower... The pipe is truly made depending on the grain of the wood. At first, the pipe maker uses an ebauchon on which the briar root (meaning the edge) is apparent...

  • foursquare-panel


    In this category, we have made the choice to regroup the Foursquare and Pane shapes. The Panel is traditionally made with a round shank whereas the Foursquare puts forward a squared shank. Both have a bowl with facets (4 or 6 depending on the model)...

  • bulldog


    The Haiti shape, also called Bulldog, is a well-known silhouette of pipe smokers. Visually, the bulldog shaped pipe easily distinguishes itself thanks to its rounded bowl coupled with a square shank. Its bowl is adorned with two characteristic slots (liserets)...

  • hawkbill


    The Hawkbill pipe is easily recognizable because its conception is literally the opposite of standards. It distinguishes itself from others thanks to the reversed bent of its shank. The Hawkbill pipe has a long shank compared to the size of the stem...

  • horn


    The Horn pipe is inspired by animals' horns. Traditionally, Horn pipes (also called Oliphant) should not have any angle from the top of the bowl to the end of the stem (the whole pipe actually). It should actually be composed of a single smooth bent...

  • hungarian-oom-paul

    Hungarian/Oom Paul

    The Hungarian shaped pipes, or Oom Paul, are some of the most bent smoking pipes that have ever existed. It is the favorite silhouette for smokers who like to comfortably keep their pipe at the corner of their mouth, while having their hands free to do something else...

  • liverpool


    The Liverpool shape has two indivisible characteristics: a particularly long rounded shank coupled with a short stem. The rounded shape of the shank is actually the only element that distinguishes the Liverpool pipe from the Canadian pipe (the latter having an oval shank). With an enjoyable grip...

  • lovat


    The Lovat shape has two indivisible characteristics: a particularly long and rounded shank coupled with a short whistle shaped stem. The whistle shape of the stem is actually the only element that distinguishes Lovat pipes from Canadian pipes (equipped with a classical stem)...

  • billiard


    The Billiard shape (also called "Néogène") is the traditional shape of the pipes that come from Saint-Claude (French production). It is a classical and timeless shape that pleases a vast majority of people. With a really enjoyable grip,...

  • pear-acorn


    The Pear shaped pipe (also known as Acorn) looks a lot like the Dublin pipe. Both have a conical and flared bowl (larger at the top than at the bottom). The only difference between these two silhouettes is the rounded angles of the Pear pipe (the edges are smoother)...

  • pickaxe


    The Pickaxe pipe shape is often associated with the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". Concretely, the Pickaxe pipe distinguishes itself by its triangular silhouette (with a pointy base) and its shank that starts in the middle of the bowl (and not at the bottom like in most cases)...

  • poker


    In the pipe environment, the shape known as "Poker" is a must! First of all, smokers love it because it is very practical to use. Indeed, its round flat-bottomed bowl ensures it can balance by itself without using any pipe stand. Furthermore, it is also very pleasant to hold in hand...

  • pot


    If you are looking for robustness and solidity, then the pipe shape Pot is made for you! The Pot pipe looks almost exactly the same as a Billiard pipe, with two exception: its bowl is less higher and is thicker. Pleasant to have in hand and really heat-proof,...

  • prince


    The Prince pipe shape distinguishes itself by a rounded bowl (of little capacity) and a relatively long and slightly curved stem (for more elegance). It is actually a stylish and distinguished silhouette. Most of the time lightweight in hand,...

  • rhodesian


    Among less-known pipe shapes to the public, the Rhodesian is one of them. Like a Bulldog pipe, we can find one or two horizontal slots delimiting the upper part of the bowl from the lower part. However, its shank is rounded (and not square)...

  • tomato


    The Tomato shape is part of the round pipes family. Its silhouette (also sometimes called Ball) obviously refers to the fruit. Its bowl has the particularity to be shallow (which means of little capacity) but also thick. Heat-proof,...

  • vestpocket


    The Pocket, or Vestpocket pipe shape is certainly one of the most original as well as practical shape that you will ever find. As the name suggests, it was thought to be easily put in your trousers or in the pocket of your jacket without taking too much room...

  • volcano


    As the name suggests, the Volcano pipe shape takes its inspiration in the frame of a volcano on the surface of the earth. The base of the bowl is therefore large and, the more your eyes will look at the top of the bowl, the more the latter will get shorter (like a volcano shape)...

  • zulu


    The Zulu shape, also called Woodstock or Yachtsman, is a pretty rare pipe shape difficult to create. The main characteristic of the Zulu pipe is the inclination of the bowl that goes forward, but its curved silhouette also distinguishes it from other pipes...


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