Foreign pipes

Saint Claude is well known for its pipe production around the globe. However , there are pipe makers in many countries. Foreign brands are also reputable and some of them are particularly appreciated. Discover Vauen, Big Ben, Dunhill, L'Anatra, Peterson and Stanwell among other brands.

  • amorelli-pipes

    Amorelli pipes

    Amorelli pipes are made in a small village just outside the city of Caltanisseta, in the center of Sicily. Small and exclusive production...

  • vauen-pipes

    Vauen pipes

    Quality and an abundance of ideas are traditional characteristics of Vauen. This means skilled craftmanship paired with contemporary technologies...

  • big-ben-pipes

    Big Ben pipes

    These Holland made pipes, all are equipped with 9mm filters. Most of the Big Ben pipes are lacquered with round shapes...

  • dunhill-pipes

    Dunhill pipes

    Dunhill pipes are trully among the finest pipes made today! Called «The Rolls Royce of pipes», those flawless briars are close to the perfection...

  • meerschaum-pipes

    Meerschaum pipes

    Fully or partially made of meerschaum, these pipes offer unmatched smoking pleasure. For a cooler smoke...

  • peterson-pipes

    Peterson pipes

    Peterson is a very well known Irish brand. The Peterson system and the Peterson Lip mouthpiece introduced a revolution in pipe smoking...

  • ceppo-pipes

    Ceppo pipes

    Il Ceppo pipes are made of sardinian briar wood which has beer air cured for a minimum of 5 years...

  • l-anatra-handmade-pipes

    L'anatra handmade pipes

    Handmade in Italy by two talented craftsmen: Massimo Palazzi and Andrea Pascucci, L'Anatra pipes are made of briar wood form Calabria...

  • luigi-viprati-handmade-pipes

    Luigi Viprati Handmade pipes

    Famous italian pipe maker, Luigi Viprati focuses his production on high grade original pipes. All are carefully handmade...

  • poul-winslow-handmade-pipes

    Poul Winslow Handmade pipes

    Born in 1951 in Denmark, Poul Winslow is among the most skilled pipe makers. All his pipes are fully handmade with premium briar...

  • savinelli-pipes

    Savinelli pipes

    Made of italian briar wood, Savinelli pipes are all handmade. Highly reputed, some are even finished with beewax...

  • ser-jacopo-pipes

    Ser Jacopo pipes

    The Ser Jacopo pipes carry the moto of the brand creator "Per Aspera Ad Astra" which means: Succes comes from hard work...

  • stanwell-pipes

    Stanwell pipes

    Over the years, Stanwell pipes have acquired a unique reputation of excellence for their designs and smoking qualities...

  • corn-cob-pipes
  • tsuge-handmade-pipes

    Tsuge handmade pipes

    Japan is land of careful manual and artisanal know-how, Tsuge family's smoker accessories business started in 1936...

  • mimmo-provenzano-handmade-pipes

    Mimmo Provenzano handmade pipes

    Mimmo Provenzano started his pipe business in 2009. He already demonstrate his skills in shaping the most exquisite italian briar...

  • falcon-pipes

    Falcon pipes

    Discover our Falcon pipes and filters. Falcon pipes offer a smart and unique design. Make your own style...

  • design-berlin-pipes

    Design Berlin pipes

    Design Berlin pipes bring you one of the best quality/price ratio! Thus they offer multiple advantages: high quality briar, acryl mouthpiece...

  • bentley-pipes

    Bentley pipes

    Bentley pipes are made in Holland by Gubbels on behalf of the famous automotive company, which also manufacture Big Ben pipes...


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