Foreign pipes

Saint-Claude is the briar-wood pipe's French capital city. However, other pipe manufacturers are based all around the globe. Over time, has become a place for the world's biggest pipe-makers to showcase their work. You will find, for instance, handcrafted Italian pipes, stunning Danish creations, the renowned Peterson pipes, as well as Dunhill's high-end range and Vauen's Lord of the Rings' designs. You will even be able to smoke a pipe made out of corn, directy imported from the United States or savor a Meerschaum pipe sculpted in Turkey...

  • tom-eltang-pipes

    Tom Eltang pipes

    Tom Eltang pipes are made in Denmark. They are renowned around the globe for their unique design...

  • vauen-pipes

    Vauen pipes

    Vauen pipes are made in Germany. They all have a 9 mm activated charcoal filter as well as an acryl stem...

  • amorelli-pipes

    Amorelli pipes

    Amorelli pipes are made in a small village just outside of the city of Caltanisseta, in central Sicily. This is a small and exclusive production...

  • bentley-pipes

    Bentley pipes

    These pipes are made in the Netherlands by Gubbels for the luxury automobile manufacturer. They are made of aluminum and briar... 

  • big-ben-pipes

    Big Ben pipes

    Big Ben pipes are made in the Netherlands and are known for their lacquered finish and round shape... 

  • caminetto-pipes

    Caminetto pipes

    Caminetto pipes have been made in Italy since 1968. Each model is unique and handmade. Find more about the mustache brand... 

  • dunhill-pipes

    Dunhill pipes

    Dunhill pipes are world-renowned for their taste and very high-quality. Regarded as the best pipes in the whole world...

  • meerschaum-pipes

    Meerschaum pipes

    Genuine meerschaum can be used to make pipes. It is very resilient to heat and acts as a natural filter for nicotine.... 

  • falcon-pipes

    Falcon pipes

    Falcon pipes are made from aluminum and briar. They are highly appreciated for their unique style...

  • kristiansen-pipes

    Kristiansen pipes

    "Danish design, Italian taste" : each Kristiansen pipe is handmade in Italy by a Danish pipe maker...

  • ceppo-pipes

    Ceppo pipes

    Handmade Italian Il Ceppo pipes are world-renowned for their briar wood's straight grain...

  • l-anatra-pipes

    L'Anatra pipes

    L'Anatra pipes are handmade in Italy by Massimo Palazzi and Andrea Pascucci, using briar wood from Calabria...

  • luigi-viprati-handmade-pipes

    Luigi Viprati pipes

    All of pipe maker Luigi Viprati's creations are handmade pipes, made of straight grain briar wood...

  • corn-cob-pipes

    Corn cob pipes

    Corn cob "Missouri Meerschaum" pipes are made in the U.S., from authentic corn cob. They offer an especially smooth smoking experience...

  • mimmo-provenzano-handmade-pipes

    Mimmo Provenzano pipes

    Italy is well-known for its gorgeous handmade pipes. Mimmo Provenzano works with very fine, high-quality Italian briars...

  • peterson-pipes

    Peterson pipes

    Peterson is a well-known Irish brand. Their patented System, that features a deep reservoir and P-Lip stem introduced a revolution in pipe smoking...

  • peter-klein-pipes

    Peter Klein pipes

    Peter Klein, a Denmark-based pipe maker, creates handmade pipes with beautiful straight-grained briar woods...

  • poul-winslow-handmade-pipes

    Poul Winslow pipes

    Poul Winslow pipes are handmade from premium briar and all have singular shapes and finishes...

  • savinelli-pipes

    Savinelli pipes

    Savinelli pipes are all handmade in Italy, from Italian briar. Highly renowned, some are even finished with beewax...

  • ser-jacopo-pipes

    Ser Jacopo pipes

    Ser Jacopo pipes are very high-quality items, that have the most singular and unique shapes...

  • stanwell-pipes

    Stanwell pipes

    Stanwell pipes come in traditional shapes and colors, and are a guaranteed good value-for-money... 

  • tsuge-handmade-pipes

    Tsuge pipes

    Japan is a land of craft-related and manual know-how. The Tsuge family entered the pipe-making world back in 1936...


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