Pipes from France

An extensive selection of briar pipes made by both individual craftsmen and corporate brands such as Butz-Choquin, Chacom, Denicotea, Jeantet and Ropp. A wide range of shapes, colors and finish are available. Indeed these pipes are carefully crafted in Saint Claude, France.

  • short-pipes

    Short pipes

    Short pipes have a shorter mouthpiece. Therefore, the smoke will feel warmer than usual. These short pipes are very convenient for a daily use...

  • natural-pipes

    Natural pipes

    Natural pipes are made of briar wood. The wood is left natural therefore we can enjoy the veins. The briarwood is soft with a delicate silky touch...

  • long-pipes

    Long pipes

    These briar-wood pipes are equipped with a long rubber mouthpiece. They are made in Saint Claude. Enjoy a smoother smoke...

  • classical-pipes

    Classical pipes

    These briar-wood pipes offer a timeless classical shape with a brown bright or matt classical finish. Typical from the French manufacturers...

  • pipes-with-9-mm-filters

    Pipes with 9 mm filters

    9mm pipes are equipped with activated charcoal filters which absorb the nicotine and tar. Enjoy pipe smoking an healthier way...

  • colored-pipes

    Colored pipes

    Original shape and unusual colors but still made of briar wood. Butz-choquin and Chacom are the main colored pipes specialists...

  • millesime-and-pipe-of-the-year

    Millesime and pipe of the year

    Every years, Butz-Choquin and Chacom produce a limited brand new design of pipe who will be the "Pipe Millésime" or the "Pipe of the year"...

  • sculpted-pipes

    Sculpted pipes

    All these pipes are the work of only one highly skilled craftsman: Roger Vincent, based in Saint-Claude (France)...

  • pierre-morel-pipes

    Pierre Morel pipes

    These pipes are the expression of Pierre Morel know-how. Beautiful grain and exact workmanship are the key elements of these flawless pipes...

  • pipes-with-meerschaum-inside-bowl

    Pipes with a meerschaum inside bowl

    These briar pipes made in Saint-Claude (France). However, they have a particularity: a meerschaum inside bowl...

  • rostiak-pipes

    Rostiak pipes

    Joseph Rimbaud, also known as Jojo Rostiak, have always been fascinated by wood. Rostiak pipes are all unique hand made pipes...

  • nuttens-pipes

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