Pipes from France

Welcome to Saint-Claudethe world capital city of the briar-wood pipe! Located in the heart of the Jura, Saint-Claude not only abounds with uniquely talented craftsmen (such as Pierre Morel with his handcrafted pipes or Roger Vincent and its sculpted ones), but is also home to the largest brands of French pipes (Chacom, Butz-Choquin, Eole, Jeantet...). Find out about our selection of the most beautiful pipes made in Saint-Claude, internationally renowned for their quality. On our website, you will have access to a large choice of pipes, that come in all shapes, lengths, finishes, and for all budgets...

  • short-pipes

    Short pipes

    Short pipes have a shorter mouthpiece. Therefore, the smoke will feel warmer than usual. These short pipes are very convenient for a daily use...

  • natural-pipes

    Natural pipes

    Natural pipes are made out of briar wood left in its natural state, with the wood grain apparent. The briar is soft and silky to the touch...

  • long-pipes

    Long pipes

    These briar wood pipes made in Saint-Claude (France) have a long rubber mouthpiece. Enjoy a smoother smoke...

  • classic-pipes

    Classic pipes

    Classic pipes are briar pipes with a bright, matte, sandblasted or rusticated finish. Their shape is emblematic of Saint-Claude city (France)...

  • pipes-with-9mm-filters

    Pipes with 9mm filters

    9mm pipes have an activated charcoal filter that absorbs the nicotine and tar. Enjoy pipe smoking the healthy way...

  • colored-pipes

    Colored pipes

    These briar pipes have innovative shapes and unusual colors. Butz-Choquin and Chacom are the colored pipes' specialists...

  • sculpted-pipes

    Sculpted pipes by Roger Vincent

    These briar wood pipes are hand-sculpted in Saint-Claude (France) by a highly skilled craftsman: Roger Vincent...

  • pierre-morel-pipes

    Pierre Morel pipes

    These pipes are the result of Pierre Morel's know-how. They are handmade by this exceptionally talented pipe-maker...

  • pipes-with-a-meerschaum-lined-bowl

    Pipes with a meerschaum-lined bowl

    These briar pipes are made in Saint-Claude (France). However, they present the particularity of having a meerschaum-lined bowl ...

  • rostiak-pipes

    Rostiak pipes

    These craftsman's pipes have unique designs. Lightweight and stylish, they still have a strong personality...

  • nuttens-pipes

    Nuttens pipes

    Bruno Nuttens is a talented French pipe-maker. His pipes are handmade from especially fine briar... 

  • pierre-voisin-pipes

    Pierre Voisin pipes

    The French pipe maker Pierre Voisin is an icon when it comes to briar pipes. His pipes are very sweet to smoke...


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