Smoking accessories

Pipe smoking requires the right tools. Thanks to our experts, we gathered on this page all the items essential to the pipe smoker. You will find all the accessories needed to smoke, maintain and clean your pipe. For instance, owning a pipe tamper is crucial, as well as using pipe cleaners to scour your stem. If your pipe comes with an interchangeable filter, it will also be necessary to get replacements, in order to be able to enjoy a dry and pleasing smoke.

  • pipe-filters

    Pipe filters

    There are different kinds of filters available. Most of the pipes come with either a metallic or a 9mm filter...

  • cleaning-materials-for-pipes

    Cleaning and maintenance products

    There are numerous accessories available to clean and maintain your pipe: pipe cleaners, pipe reamers, cleaning spray, waxes for briar and stem... 

  • pipe-tools

    Pipe tampers

    Pipe tampers are essential to every pipe smoker, to tamp the tobacco inside the pipe bowl...

  • tobacco-pouches-and-pipe-cases

    Tobacco pouches and pipe cases

    A tobacco pouch will allow you to carry around your tobacco. Some of them even come with additionnal pockets to put in your accessories... 

  • refillable-pipe-lighters

    Refillable pipe lighters

    All our lighters are specifically designed for pipes: the flame is horizontal, which prevents you from burning your fingers when lighting your pipe...

  • pipe-stand

    Pipe stands

    On a pipe stand, you can display your pipes for your viewing pleasure! They also allow you to put down your pipe without making an ashy mess...

  • tobacco-humidor

    Tobacco jars

    With a tobacco jar, storing your tobacco has never been easier! Our jars come with a humidifier to prevent your tobacco from drying out...

  • pipe-ashtray

    Pipe ashtrays

    Pipe ashtrays come with a tiny cork ball, that allows smokers to empty the ashes without damaging their pipe...  

  • miscellaneaous


    Metal lid to put on top of the pipe's chamber, clips to display numerous pipes inexpensively and other miscellaneous items...

  • cigarette-holders

    Cigarette holders

    Cigarette holders allow to keep the smoke away from your eyes and allow not to have an unpleasant odour on your hands. Smoke with style...


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