Restoration and repair of your pipes

You want to have your old pipe fully repaired or just want it to be cleaned?

We take care of your pipes (only those that have been bought at La Pipe Rit). For that, send us the head (clean and emptied of its ashes) and the stem of origin if you still have it, so that we can make a new tailored stem (all pipes are adjusted individually, therefore we cannot just send you a new mouthpiece and need the head of the pipe). The new stem will be made by a pipe-maker, as close to the original one as possible.

The new stem will be identical to the old one as far as possible. In any case, the pipe master will make a new stem that will look as most as possible to the one of origin. Moreover, on pipes that have already been smoked, we can not be held responsible in the case of breakage during the repair.

The new stem will  be made by a pipe-maker

All pipes are adjusted individually


Send us your pipe(s) for repair, accompanied with your payment by check. Credit card payment is only possible if you contact us by phone at 03 84 45 68 02 (you can not pay on the Internet).

For a new stem, you will have to wait at least two months (from the date of reception of your parcel and the validation of your payment). Please note that this period of time can be even longer depending on the workload at the workshop, as well as the period of the year (holidays). In every case, we will do our best to make sure that you will receive your pipe as soon as possible.


Shipping fees:

The shipping fees to ship your pipe back will be of a total amount of 7€, whatever the number of pipes to repair. Please note that, because of the risks of parcel loss and because customs fees will be applied when a parcel enters France, we can not repair pipes that come from outside Europe. We will also not be able to send the parcel with the repaired pipes in another country than France, and we can therefore not repair pipes that will be shipped outside mainland France once they are repaired.

New stems:

Regular ebonite stem32€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fees
Long ebonite stem35€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fees
Ebonite stem (P-Lip)43€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fees
Acrylic, horn or cumberland stem43€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fees
Acrylic stem for meerschaum pipes55€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fees
Chacom stem43€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fees
Vauen (acrylic) stem43€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fees
Dunhill (ebonite) stem88€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fees
Cleaning and stem polishing11€ per mouthpiece + 7€ as shipping fees

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