Pipe repairs

You want to have your old pipe fully repaired or just want it to be cleaned? Enjoy our attracting prices and know-how you can find in Saint Claude only!

We take care of your pipes (purchased from us) regardless of the brand or material. Send us the head and the original mouthpiece if you still have it, so that we can make a tailored stem (all pipes are adjusted individually, therefore we cannot just send you a new mouthpiece and need the head of the pipe). The new stem will be made by a pipe-maker, as close to the original one as possible.

The new stem will  be made by a pipe-maker

All pipes are adjusted individually


We only accept payment through wire transfer or credit card, therefore you'll need to contact us to have the necessary information for the payment.

Repairs usually require about 2 month. It might take more time around Christmas and the summer holiday break. Anyway, we will do our best so you can have your pipes back as soon as possible.


Pipe repair (purchased from us):

Regular rubber mouthpiece32€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fee
Long rubber mouthpiece35€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fee
Rubber mouthpiece (P-Lip)43€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fee
Acryl, horn or cumberland mouthpiece43€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fee
Meerschaum acryl mouthpiece55€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fee
Chacom mouthpiece43€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fee
Vauen mouthpiece43€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fee
Dunhill mouthpiece88€ per pipe + 7€ as shipping fee
Cleaning and mouthpiece polish11€ per mouthpiece + 7€ as shipping fee

Shipping fee:

Shipping costs are 7€ for France. Even if you have many pipes to repair, shipping costs remain the same. Please send us a message if you need to have your pipe shipped abroad.

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