The briar wood pipe is our speciality!

Our team of specialists

Nicely located in Saint Claude city center, we offer a wide range of quality items such as:

  • Briar wood pipes made in Saint Claude
  • Pipes made in many foreign countries, carefully crafted by the most skilled pipe makers
  • Meerschaum pipes
  • All the accessories essential to pipe smoking

All items have been carefully selected by ourselves, therefore all the smoking accessories along with pipes enjoy a one year waranty!

We are at your service

You are looking for a specific item? Please drop us a message, contact us and our team of specialists will do its best in order to find the pipe of your dream.

Do you know why La Pipe Rit is the number one store on the internet?

Our shop La Pipe Rit

An online shop and a brick and mortar shop in Saint Claude as well

La Pipe Rit is not only an online store. Our shop is located in Saint Claude city center right next to the main cathedral and the famous pipe museum. With more than 1,500 pipes available, you will certainly find the pipe that suits you the best.

Have a look at a few pictures of the shop.

Opening hours:

Our shop "La Pipe Rit" in Saint-Claude is currently open by appointment. For that, you just need to call us (+33 3 84 45 68 02) a few days before your visit to agree on an appointment. Our team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 6pm. We will be happy to show you the countless pipes in our showroom...

Moreover, our online store is of course operational and all orders placed on before 11 a.m. (from Monday to Friday) will still be sent on that day.

La Pipe Rit

Handmade masterpieces sold live from Saint Claude:

Thanks to the skills and know-how of the local master pipe-makers, we offer only high quality pipes. These limited and handmade pipes are only available through our brick and mortar shop and our online shop.

Saint Claude and the briar wood pipe history

Our premise are based place de l'Abbaye, in St Claude. Back in 1858, this is at the exact same area that a box tree wood carrier, waiting for his supplies, surprised everyone when he pulled his pipe from his pocket. The pipe, made by a shepperd friend over one year before, was neither burned nor damaged by the heat. The wood was dense with a distinctive crimson colour. The story says it was the first briar wood pipe. Soon after this event, local pipe makers switched from local wood essences to briar wood only. Indeed, briar wood has unmatched qualities such as: strong heat resistance, lightness and aroma neutrality.

La Pipe Rit in a few key moments


Our brand "Eole" for pipe smokers

Eole becomes a pipe and smooking accessories brand, with a new range of essential accessories... Now available!


Virtual tour in the heart of La Pipe Rit

Since 2019, you can open the door and come into our pipe shop in Saint-Claude (in the Jura mountains)! This new virtual tour in 360° will give you the opportunity to admire the widest selection of pipes in all of France.


Reworking of our main online shop and rearangement of our Saint Claude shop

2017 will definitely be a key moment in the company story: the deep reworking of our online shop as same as rearangement of our brick and mortar shop. More convenient, more modern, we did our best to make your shopping experience better. Shop now with us and find the pipe of your dream!


Eole : our brand

2016 was a determining moment for our brand Eole. New designs, new shapes, more pipes with 9mm filters and new innovative finishes. More imagination than ever before! We have only one goal: customer satisfaction. We are always on the go in order to find the most innovative, and usefull items for pipe smokers.


Official distributor for VAUEN in France

Back in 2011, puzzled by the astonishing Lord of the Rings pipes made by Vauen, we decided to contact them in order to know more. Even though Vauen products were not well known in France, we were immediately convinced by the dedication of Vauen staff and by the high qualitiy of their masterpieces. Thanks to their 9mm filter and their shiny acryl stems, the Vauen pipes quickly seduced French customers.

2006 grand opening

Early on 2006, opened. The first idea was to offer a convenient shopping platform for professional tobacconists, this is why the shop was not opened to the public. Unfortunately, tobacconists were not really interrested in the concept and after a few months of struggle, we decided to pivot and make it available to all. Now, MF-Cadeaux the smoker paradise, offers accessories for pipes smokers, cigars smokers and cigarets smokers.


More and more choices with the passing years

With the passing years, more and more pipe brands are available in La Pipe Rit. First skeptical about them, Italian and Danish pipe makers finally convinced us. It's not easy to sell foreigns pipes in Saint Claude! Original designs along with high reliability are widely enjoyed by French customers.

2002 grand opening

Our main online shop sees the day in May 2002, there were only pipes from Saint Claude. When building the website, it was difficult to find a good way to classify pipes, there are all different! It was the first online shop for pipes in France.


Butz-Choquin and Pierre Morel pipes

Pierre Morel used to work for several brands and his name was not well known to the public. Amazed by his talent and skills, we decided to sell his creations under his own name. Today, Pierre Morel is one of the most well known pipe maker in France. Butz-Choquin, a larger pipe manufacture also provides us with their production.


Chacom is now available in our shop

After a few years, we focused our efforts on providing higher quality products to our customers. Hence, we became more picky with our supplier. Pipes are more beautiful and reliable than before. Chacom became our main supplier for pipes.


La Pipe Rit opens

In 1996, there are very few interesting shop location available in Saint Claude. When we finally have the oportunity to open a pipe shop right in the middle of the city center near the cathedral and the pipe museum, we did not think about it twice. La Pipe Rit opens its door!


The adventure begins: MF Cadeaux

In 1991, two sales staff from Chacom, Mr. Mermet-Maréchal and Mr. Ferrari start their own business. Their goal is to offer a wider ranger of products to tobacconists and not only Chacom productions. The company MF-Cadeaux sees the day, M and F stands for the initial letters of their names!

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