Pipe smoking: a beginner guide

You would like to try pipe smoking, but you need advice for a good start?

Here are a few advices and recommandations for a relaxed start.

Basic pipe anatomy

Chose your own pipe and the essential accessories:

  • First of all, you need a pipe you like personnaly. You should avoid short pipes for a first pipe. (Since the stem and mouthpiece are short sized, the smoke will not have enough time to cool down. The heat might be surprising or unpleasant for a beginner).
  • A pipe with a small or medium chamber is ideal. You need only a small quantity of tobacco, plus the combustion is easier to maintain.
  • Straight pipes are the most convenient, air flows more easily into a straight than into a bent pipe. Furthermore, cleaning is easy too.
  • The beginner kits, contains a pipe along with the essentials accessories.
  • 2 accessories are complusory. Always carry a pipe-tamper, in order to pack the tobacco and pipe-cleaners, in order to clean the inside of your pipe.

For instance, we recommend you that pipes and these two accessories for a good start:

Briar pipe with 9mm filter

Metal pipe tamper

Abrasive pipe cleaners

Beginner kits regroup one pipe along with the essentials accessories:

Young pipe smoker box

Pipe smoking starter kit 409794

Pipe maker kit 112-102

How to smoke pipe and how to clean it?

First of all, pipe smoking is all about enjoyment, patience and savouring the moment. Do not swallow the smoke and make go down the lungs. Keep it in your mouth.

  • Fill in only one third of the chamber (during the carbon cake build up, smoke one third then times then two third for another ten times), do not pour a large quantity of tobacco. Just one pinch after another. Pack lightly the first pinch then pack firmly the last one with your pipe tamper.
  • Light the whole surface of the chamber.
  • Smoke your pipe until the last bit of tobacco. Go all the way down the chamber.
  • When you are done smoking, empty your pipe but do not open your pipe yet.
  • Let your pipe cool down for a moment. Keep the head of the pipe down as much as possible.
  • When your pipe is cold, hold the mouthpiece in one hand and hold the head in your other hand then twist it and pull it slowy like the two parts are screwed into each other.
  • When your pipe is opened, remove the filter. In case it is a metal filter, clean it with soapy water. In case it is a disposable filter, throw it away. (9mm filters may be used up to 3 or 4 times)
  • Clean the draft hole with a pipe cleaners.

As long as they come out dirty, use another one. A cleaned pipe taste better.


  • Never open a warm pipe. The mouthpiece and the stem are not made of the same material. The rubber might slightly expand and you will experience difficulties.
  • Use matches or a pipe-smoker's lighter Avoid "wind-proof lighter" at all cost. The flame will burn the edge of the bowl.

Feeling better? let's give a try. Pipe smoking must remain a pleasure, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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