The different kinds of filter available

The different kinds of filter available

12 06 2015
Metal, meerschaum, activ coal or balsa. There are many kinds of filter on the market. How to chose from a metal filter and a 9mm filter. Discover the pro's and the con's of each

Which filter to chose?

Almost all pipes have a filter inside of them. The filter is usually located inside the mouthpiece tenon, the part that goes inside the shank.

Discover the different filters

There are many kinds of filters on the market but the most comon are the metal filters and the 9mm filters.

Filtres métalliques

Metal filter

Filtres 9 mm

9mm filter

Here are a few details about these filters so you can make your own choice:

Metal filters:

What are they?

It is a small piece of metal, shame may be very different from one metal filter to another. Sometime it is a tube or a spiral.

What for?

When reaching the metal system, the smoke will cool down so the tar and nicotina will settle on this area.

Pro's and con's :

Easy care. Unless, broken or dammaged, there is no need to replace it for a new one after several uses. Simply clean it with soapy water or with paper-towel. This system is cheap but is also the least efficient compared with 9mm filters.


If your filter is too dirty or broken, it is time to change it for a new one.

Discover our metal filters

9mm filters :

What is that?

These are short 9mm diameter cartridges filled with activ coal or meerschaum pellets. .

What is the point?

These filters are the most efficient available today, they will trap tar anf nicotina along with moist. Therefore the smoke will be dry and pleasant.

Pro's and Con's:

These filters are more and more popular among smokers, but you have to change your filter on a regular basis, like every two or three pipes. If you keep you filter, draught will be difficult or even impossible.


You cannot use a 9mm filter in all pipes, it must be fitted accordingly. The shank drilling must be deep enough.

Discover our 9mm filters

Even though the vast majority of pipes are equipped with metal filters, more and more pipes are fitted with 9mm filters today. The type of filter is shown in the description area for all pipes. .

La pipe rit team

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