Savinelli pipe cleaning premium set

32,00 €


Designed in Italy by the brand Savinelli, this Premium kit will allow you to easily maintain your pipe or to renovate it. It has all the essential products for the cleaning of your pipe: 2 polishes (for the briar and the stem), an adjustable reamer, pipe cleaners, soft cloths... This set was specifically designed to celebrate the 140 years of the brand Savinelli. You will find inside all the necessary tools a pipe smoker must have:

1 "Pipe clean" flask for the stem :

This liquid is specifically designed to clean the inside of the stem of your pipe. To use it, you have to pour a few drops of the liquid on a pipe cleaner. Then, put the latter in the stem of your pipe while doing back and forth movements. Repeat the operation until the pipe cleaner gets out perfectly clean.

Volume: 18ml

1 polish for the stem:

This paste is specifically designed to pamper the stem of your pipe (ebonite or cumberland stem). It will allow you to bring back brilliance and shine to the stem. To use it, just put a little bit on a soft cloth. Then vigorously rub the stem until it looks like before.

Volume: 30ml

1 "Pipe polish" flask for the briar:

This liquid is specifically designed to rejuvenate the briar part of your pipe. To use it, just pour a few drops of the liquid on a soft cloth. Then vigorously rub the briar until it becomes clean and pleasant in hand. Be careful to not use it on stained pipes, because it might remove the color.

Volume: 18ml

1 adjustable reamer:

This stainless steel pipe reamer will allow you to scrape the layer of carbon inside the bowl. It is adjustable, and can therefore adapt to any kind of standard pipe bowls. To use it, you just have to adjust the sides of the pipe reamer depending on the diameter of the tobacco chamber. Then you can scrape the excess of carbon. Easy and practical!

1 set of pipe cleaners:

These pipe cleaners will allow you to clean the inside of the stem and shank of your pipe. First, wait for your pipe to be completely cold. Then disassemble it like if you unscrewed the stem from the shank, keeping your hands as close as possible to the junction between the stem and the shank. Then put the pipe cleaner in the stem, while doing back and forth movements until the stem is completely clean. Repeat for the shank.

Volume: 10 pipe cleaners

2 soft cloths:

The cloths included in this kit will be very useful to apply the two cleaning polishes previously described (one for the stem and the other one for the briar).

Dimensions of the tin box:

  • Length: 19cm
  • Width: 11,5cm
  • Height: 6,8cm
You will like:

A complete kit with all you need to clean your pipe!

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