9mm activated charcoal filters (x100)

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The best filters for 9mm pipes:

These 9mm filters contain activated charcoal, which is especially efficient as a filter. They can be put on any 9mm pipe. They are nowadays the most liked by many smokers, as they perform so well!

How to use this 9mm filter?

To put this filter in place, you have to make sure that the blue cap faces the stem (i.e. points towards the mouth), and the white cap faces the shank.

We recommend you replace the filter every 3 pipe. Of course, this depends of the size of the bowl and the tobacco you smoke. Some smokers might prefer replacing it after every pipe, while others will keep it on for 2 or 3 pipes. The more often you replace it, the most efficient the filter will be!

How do Vauen filters work?

  • The white cap reduces moisture. The smoke is trap in the holes and moisture is deposited on the ceramic.
  • The blue cap improves the draft and make sure it is not impeded, with its numerous holes.
  • The activated charcoal reduces harmful substances. It has pores of different sizes, which allows to best filter the smoke. 
  • The filter's tube is made of paper, which absorbs moisture even more, for a dry and pleasant smoke.
You will like:

These filters' efficiency!

Capacity100 filters
Filter9 mm
MaterialActivated charcoal
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Average: 4.3/ 5
  • By Anonymous A.
  • the 15/02/2021
  • Ordered on 29/04/2015
Good !
  • By Anonymous A.
  • the 31/12/2019
  • Ordered on 10/12/2019
To early to rate
  • By Anonymous A.
  • the 26/11/2018
  • Ordered on 05/11/2018
Comme d'habitude très bien les meilleurs filtres charbon actif pour pipe en 9mm
  • By Anonymous A.
  • the 27/07/2017
  • Ordered on 05/07/2017
very good

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