Zippo is the #1 brand of lighters for smokers. Designed in the USA, these lighters are perfect to light your cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, and can be true collector's items. Buying a Zippo lighter is the insurance to have a high-quality accessory that you will keep with you for your whole life. Zippo lighters are compact, easy to use, can be filled with petrol, and their flame is protected from the wind (thanks to the outer lid). Zippo's design is timeless thanks to the many bottom cases (chromed silver, vintage look and many others) available that can cover the inside case. On, you will find a wide range of lighters of great quality for all tastes. Must-have tool for a smoker, a lighter must be reliable, sustainable, robust and convenient. For all these reasons, we chose to propose you the number 1 lighter brand in the world: Zippo. These petrol lighters have a 30-year warranty and can be easily filled up. You will also find all the necessary items to maintain your Zippo lighter: Zippo petrol, Zippo flints as well as spare parts (wick, rayon balls, felt pad...).

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