White Elephant

"Kopp Smoking Systems" is a German manufacturer specialized in the manufacturing of filters and pipe-cleaners for pipe smokers. Located in Bavaria since 1984, it is nowadays the only company in the world that proposes pipe filters with meerschaum granules. Kopp's main objective is to allow each smoker to enjoy smoking the pipe thanks to very efficient filters that allow a cooler, drier and smoother smoke. Meerschaum is a porous material that can absorb humidity like a sponge. Then, what is the connection with the "White Elephant"? Meerschaum is actually a white mineral. For a long time, meerschaum came from Tanzania (East Africa), and it is also where one of the largest elephant population can be found. Nowadays, meerschaum only comes from Eskişehir, Turkey. White Elephant Superflow filters also have a very interesting advantage compared to other filters: the pipe draft is easier. White Elephant filters suit a lot of smokers because the brand has developed natural meerschaum filters, but also active charcoal filters and filters combining meerschaum and active charcoal. Try now another way to smoke your pipe!

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