Terminus pipes are incredible French creations! Designed in Saint-Claude, the international capital city of pipe making, these pipes are indeed very special since they were patented in the early 20s. These pipes were designed so that there would be less harmful substances when smoking a pipe. The secret of Terminus pipes is actually in their shank, that has been drilled in a way that a settling chamber is created. You will then notice the two drilling holes at the bottom of the tobacco chamber. The stem is equipped with an aluminium tube that fits into another tube at the middle of the shank. Most of the time the end of Terminus' pipes' shank are equipped with a band to strengthen the junction between the shank and the stem. The smoke therefore has to zigzag in the shank of the pipe before it can reach the end of the stem. The smoke will therefore be fresher in the mouth. Depending on the models, Terminus pipes are equipped with an ebonite or a horn stem. Most of them have a straight shape, but half-bent or bent Terminus pipes can also be found. Smokers who tried this kind of pipe agree to say that the double drilling allows a better air flow, and tobacco tastings feel even better. Nowadays, Terminus pipes are difficult to find and are true collector's items. On www.pipeshop-saintclaude.com, we have the chance to be able to propose the last unsmoked models that you can find.

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