Kiseru Marufuku short pipe (brown)

22,00 €


The quintessential short Japanese pipe:

What you have here is a traditional Japanese pipe! This short pipe is characterized by:

  • A very small bowl in which can be put only one or two pinches of tobacco. Your tobacco tastings will therefore be very short. You will however be able to smoke again unlike with a briar pipe, because the bowl is indeed made with metal and is therefore more heatproof.
  • Its small size (with a length of about 10cm only).
  • A small rounded bit at the end of the stem.

In Japan, Kiseru pipes are smoked with thinly cut tobaccos. Tobacco strands are so thin that they actually look like hair. We recommend to choose the thinest tobacco cut that you can find to smoke this pipe.

Claire, La Pipe Rit

Sekishū, the pipe that comes from Japan:

This pipe is also called Sekishū (a name that refers to the famous Japanese tea master who liked smoking these pipes a lot).

Kiseru pipes have a very particular design, very different from what we are used to see with classic wooden pipes.

This Kiseru pipe cannot be disassembled. To clean it, just use a pipe cleaner by putting it in the stem.

Bastien, La Pipe Rit
You will like:
  • Kiseru, the traditional Japanese pipe
  • An uncommon design
  • A short and thin pipe made with metal
  • The small bowl
Length10,1 cm
Height1,6 cm
Chamber diameter0,7 cm
Chamber depth0,8 cm
Pipe shapeDublin

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