Savinelli Minuto 609 pipe (natural)

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Minuto? The latest product in the world of smoking!

The minuto pipe is handcrafted and made of briar: a natural wood which is perfect to smoke tobacco and enable the aroma to be spread through the smoking of it. It is an elegant and traditionnal product (bent shape and natural finish).

The mouthpiece is made of methacrylate and inside there is a cigarette filter (6mm), which must be replaced after every smoke. It is created for smokers, which will draw only the aroma of the tobacco and not the paper.

How to properly smoke Minuto?

  • Take some tobacco and put it into the bowl, gently tamping the tobacco down.
  • When lighting the tobacco, apply the flame evenly to the entire top surface while drawing frequently, but gently.
  • The initial lighting will cause the tobacco down to rise, in this case tamp the tobacco down using a pipe tamper and flatte nit. Then relight the pipe.
  • Frequently change the cigarette filter inserted in the mouthpiece.
  • Never overheat the Minuto, but let it cool down.
  • Also allow the Minuto to cool down between one smoke and another.
  • Ideally you, especially heavy smokers, should have at least 2 Minuto so as to alternate them
  • Clean the Minuto gently using a pipe pick to remove any remaining tobacco and ash ; then run a pipe cleaner through the mouthpiece and into the bowl several times.
  • Remember that it is a very risky to remove the mouthpiece while the pipe is still hot, because this can result in breaking the end of the stem of the mouthpiece and never knock the top of the bowl against a hard surface.
You will like:

A minuto object, which you can always have with you!

Length10,2 cm
Height3,6 cm
Chamber diameter1,6 cm
Chamber depth2,8 cm
Stem materialAcrylic
Filter6 mm
Weight22 g
MaterialBriar wood
Savinelli lineMinuto

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