Smoker secrets: how to take care of your tobacco?

Smoker secrets: how to take care of your tobacco?

13 11 2017
Tobacco storage is no easy feat! Too moist and it won't burn properly, too dry and it will taste bad. Let's review the different methods to store and transport your tobacco to enjoy a good smoke...

For the smoothest possible smoke, you have to take care of your pipe and also your tobacco. Tobacco is, in fact, a fragile substance, sensitive to temperature, humidity, and light. As a result, it has to be stored with great care.

Guidelines for storing your tobacco:

Too dry, your tobacco will lose its fragrance and have a bland taste. The smell will be sour while the flavor will be adulterated, or almost indistinguishable. A tobacco that is too moist is also unpleasant to smoke, as it won't burn well and will create a great quantity of condensation. Which, in turn, will lead to the dreaded pipe juice.

You must have understood by now that it is best to find a middle ground between a tobacco that is too dry and a tobacco that is too moist. But don't worry, it is really easy with the right accessories.

Let's start with the general conditions of storage. The best is to keep the tobacco away from direct sunlight and in a cool place with a stable temperature. Then, you will have to choose the container that will hold the tobacco itself.

Tobacco jar:

Often made of wood or ceramic, a tobacco jar can contain a large quantity of tobacco, some of them can even fit up to 400 grams! Don’t compress your tobacco too much when you fill up the jar, it is recommended to give it some room to breathe. Oftentimes there is a humidifier in the lid. You can add a second humidifier directly in the tobacco if necessary. A large seal around the lid makes the jar airtight.

Tobacco jar

Tobacco jar

Tobacco jar

Tobacco jar


For optimal storage, remember to regularly mix the tobacco. Humidity will be more evenly distributed.

Bastien from la Pipe Rit

Tobacco pouch:

A tobacco pouch is a good storage solution thanks to its rubber inlay. The rubber inlay helps maintain the natural moisture of the tobacco. However, it is still recommended to use a humidifier. The carrot slice technique can also work quite well. 

There is a wide variety of tobacco pouches available, ranging from the case to the bag to the roll up tobacco pouch. But which one will better suit your needs?

  • Drawstring type: A must-have for a retro look. Convenient, as you can open it wide. Remember to strongly pull the strings to close it.
  • Roll up type: Timeless and refined. Easy to fit in your jacket or pants pocket, it will follow you everywhere.
  • Bag or case type: Not just for tobacco, but also pipe and accessories, it will welcome your favorite pipe (or pipes) but also your favorite accessories. It is bulkier but also the most convenient: everything is at hand.

Remember to empty it before storing it, especially if you use it only occasionally.

Tobacco pouch

Tobacco pouch


Extend the life expectancy of your tobacco pouch: think about applying talcum powder on it if you are not using it for a few months. It will prevent the sides from sticking to each other and making the pouch unusable.

Philippe from la Pipe Rit

Original Packaging:

As long as it is sealed, the original packaging will keep your tobacco fresh for a few weeks or even a few months. Once opened, it is recommended to put a small humidifier inside and mix the tobacco from time to time.

Other containers:

It is also possible to store your tobacco in plastic or metallic boxes as long as you they can be sealed and as the general storage conditions mentioned above are respected. These bags or boxes can be stored in the most unusual places! Some people even put them in the fridge!

The humidifiers:

It is recommended to fill these with demineralized or soft water so it won't clog the stone or moss pores. Reusable, they have to be filled once every 10 to 15 days.

The humidifiers

To conclude:

Whether it is due to the weather or an overzealous humidifier, the tobacco can get TOO moist. There is a very simple technique to dry it up. Spread the tobacco on a sheet or a plate and then place a lamp (a desk lamp will do) over it. The heat coming from the light bulb will make the moisture evaporate slowly without any damage to the tobacco. This way you will get back all of the complex flavors when you smoke it.

By now you must understand that smoking a pipe means learning how to maintain both the pipe itself and also care for the tobacco. Don't hesitate to share this article with your friends who smoke and on your favorite social networks!

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