All you need to know when you have a La Pipe Rit discount code!

How does a discount code work?

A discount code allows you to benefit from a special offer. As a customer, it can for instance get you an additional gift, a discount on your order or free shipping costs. Discount codes are usually made of letters, numbers and/or symbols. Often, they have an expiry date and are to be used within a defined period. Once the expiry date has been reached, it will be too late and the discount code will no longer work. This is why we send you an email a few days before the date on which the code is meant to expire, to remind you to use it before it is no longer possible! On our website, all codes are assigned to a specific person, who is the only one that can use them. Therefore, there is no need to waste time looking for discount codes on other websites. All valid codes are sent to our clients directly, via email.

How to use a discount code on our online shop?

First, choose and add to your cart all the items you want to order. Then, click on "My cart" to get the summary of what is in you cart. There, a field named "Vouchers" will appear. It is in this field that you need to put in your discount code. You then must click on the "OK" button next to it, otherwise the system will not take the code into account. Once this is done, and if the code is valid, a new line will appear in your cart, stating that the code has been taken into account. Otherwise, should your code not be valid, a warning message will appear on your screen, stating why the code cannot be applied to your cart. This could be because your code has expired, or because it is only valid when reaching a minimum purchase amount. Please note that, should you go through with your order and validate it without using your code, it will not be possible to remedy to it retroactively.

Should you need any help with ordering on our online shop, do not hesitate to contact us.

The method you need to follow to validate your discount code:

  1. Add the items I want to order to my cart
  2. Create an account on our online shop (if I don't have one already) and sign in to my account
  3. Click on "My cart" to get to the page summarizing my order
  4. Type in the discount code on the "Vouchers" field
  5. Validate by clicking on the "OK" button next to the field

Why isn't my discount code working?

There might be several reasons as to why your discount code is not working on our website:

  • The code's expiry date has passed, and therefore, the code is no longer valid.
  • The code cannot be applied due to the items in your cart. Indeed, some codes are valid only when you reach a certain purchase amount (not including shipping).
  • The code is assigned to one specific person. This means that if you are not signed in to your account on our online shop, an error message will appear stating the code is not valid.
  • When typing in your code, you have to take into account the letter case. This means that all letters in lower (upper) case must be in lower (upper) case and that "o"s are not to be mistaken for "zero"s, or "I"s for "l"s. To avoid typos such as those, it is best to copy/paste the code.

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