Savinelli 6mm balsa filters (x100)

10,20 €


The pipe filter made of balsa wood:

Balsa is a very soft wood, with porous fibers that have absorbent properties. Balsa filters are therefore 100% natural. They absorb moisture, as well as some of the harmful substances in tobacco. Moreover, the filter does not fill in all the stem when in place, therefore the air flow is not impeded when smoking.

How to use this 6mm balsa filter?

6mm balsa filters can be used with any pipe bored with a 6mm-diameter (some of the Italian pipes from the Savinelli brand, as well as Missouri Meerschaum's corn cob pipes that have a filter). 

There is no need to put it on in a specific way, you just have to place it in the tenon. The filter needs to be changed after 2 to 3 pipes. Of course, this depends on the size of the bowl and the tobacco. Therefore, some smokers might prefer replacing it more often.

Capacity100 filters
Filter6 mm

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